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Extracts for the Herbal and Pharmaceutical Industry

Agripharma furnishes producers of the herbal medicine and pharmaceutical sector healthy plant extracts rich of active ingredients and made with a environment respecting productive process.


Extracts for cosmetic industry

Agripharma furnishes high qualitative extracts, suitable for every kind of cosmetic product, completely compatible for skin.


Biological Extracts

Products which guarantee the best respect of health and environment and derive from biologically certified raw material.


Business presentation

Business presentation (about us) Since 1980 Agripharma works in the sector of trasformation of medical plants, cultivated in the companies of partners, to obtain than plant extracts to be used in the cosmetic, herbal medicine and the pharmaceutical sector.

A particular should be underlined: Agripharma has ever made attention to the respect of environment. The partners guarantee products obtained with organic farming techiniques, certified by the norm CE 834/2007, and in complete absebce of chimical fertilizer and insecticide.

Agripharma's certifications

Regional agricultural pharming companies certificated with the norm Reg. (CE) 834/2007
Certificated suitability of the laboratory to be used for biological transformations with the norm Reg. (CE) 834/2007 Certification n. ITBI0005T1O9
Laboratory with certified environment quality with the norm ISO 14.001 Certification n. IT05/0461


con enti pubblici di ricerca in essere o in anni recenti

University of Padua
Dipartimento di Agronomia Animali Alimenti Risorse Naturali e Ambiente – DAFNAE

University of Padua
Dipartimento di Scienze del farmaco – DSF

University of Verona
Dipartimento di Biotecnologie

University of Ferrara
Dipartimento di Scienze chimiche e farmaceutiche

Agripharma è fra i soci fondatori della FIPPO
Federazione Italiana Produttori Piante Officinali
Associazione rappresentativa a livello nazionale che promuove e valorizza le coltivazioni Italiane

Agripharma è fra i soci fondatori di:


Our history

Agripharma was born in 1988 thanks to the initiative of some young farmers who decide to invest in a little laboratory in which they decide to obtain from their medical plants into plant extracts and other derivatives. At the begininnig this activities are done in a little building in Este.

Then since 2005 Agripharma moves to Vescovana near by the Euganean Hills because of the development of the techniques and the increase of quantity of manufactured plants.


Our philosophy

All extracts have their own peculiarities, different factors influence the property of products: the way of extraction, the processing but overall the quality of raw material. Agripharma represents this way a security as we take plant extracts from plants cultivated with certificated organic farming techiniques. Our extracts are free of chemical solvents and bacterial contamination.

Every passage during the producting process is controlled: the plants are gathered during the balsamic period and dried up naturally to keep their active ingredients. The tranformation phase -accomplished with the most strict hygienic and sanitarian standards – foresees even innovative techniques and every passage, from the seeding until the packed product, is subject of strict supervision. Agripharma, this way, becomes a real guarantee of high qualitative products.

For every plant used we can show the documents and technical file abour:

  • Origin, tipe and manner of cultivation and gathering
  • Tipical active ingredients
  • Medical properties
  • Tipe of drug contained
  • Cosmetic properties and the benefits for skin
  • Way of use
  • Plant extracts with which the plant extract contained can be used
  • Technical caracheristiques of the extracts (colour, appearance, viscosity, odour, 
denstity, pH, bacterial charge, alcoholic proof, presence of foreign substances)
  • Side effects
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Adviced dosage for preparation of formulated mixtures.


Do we need particular permissions or qualification to cultivate medicinal plants?

No, you don’t. Even if the law of the 6 January 1931 n. 99 could seem unclear in some points, we think there is no prohibition entailed.
The cultivation is free, except for these plants which are prohibited (Ex: plants witch psychoactive effects).

Different is the manipulation and transformation of medicinal plants into products. In this cases we have to analyze if the intermediate product is food or an industrial ingredient. The authorizations become more articulated if you come nearer to finished products: food, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and medicines.

Is the cultivation of medicinal plants a profitable activity?

Normally medicinal plants are not suitable for speculations with a traditional agriculture which does not even recoup the costs. It is not possible to gain on the plan in itself. Medicinal plants always represent a strategical choice if considered in long run.
It is an other company which can introduce medicinal plants to a farming company. Working on medicinal plants means, in fact, at first equipment for the cultivation, then for the harvest and the post-harvest, and finally for the storage.

All this requires time, money and dedication.
To cultivate medicinal plants is a difficult choice, which can not be taken so immediately as it is based on long run company dinamics.

Can I confer my plants to Agripharma?

Agripharma is more or less completely independent for what concerns the cultivation of the plants. However some plants can not be cultivated in the area of the southern Veneto. This way, we buy them, from other agriculturists.

Recently we have been starting to offer cultivators the possibility to transform their plants into personalized products. Farmers can charge Agripharma with those plants in manufacturing purposes and they can then have available finished products. These, he is insured have been manufactured in complete respect of sanitary and fiscal norms.

Where can I buy your products?

Agripharma doesn’t sell directly his products to the public. Our extracts are used by other professionals which make from it their personal specialities.

If you are interested contact us and we will fix a meeting at our seat, or one of our agents will meet you as soon as possible.

Can Agripharma transform my plants?

Yes, sure. Even if you are not Agripharma’s partner.

You can charge Agripharma with your plants in manufacturing purposes and those will be returned as the product you desired. Contact us and we will suggest you how to appraise your production.

How can I be sure the products are obtained by the manufacture of biological extracts?

In the agricultural and food sector the system of certifications is regulated by the regulation (CE) 834/2007, which indicates precise rules for the definition and the certification of organic farmed products. This system, in Italy, is task of strict certification Authorities recognised by the Ministry.

In the sector of herbal cosmetics do exist rules which are applied voluntarily and are

generally shared between the authorities of supervision. This authorities decide which synthetic substances can be used and in which dose.

This way, the traceability and the origin of the prime material is always guaranteed. Even this capillary supervision, the controls are not done during all producing processes, and so there is the necessity to trust the producing company and the accuracy of the latter.

Could Agripharma's plants be GMO?

The concept of natural has multiple interpretations, but in the sector of medicinal plants everybody agrees about the fact that natural cures have to be originated from what only nature during his evolution has produced.
All the sector prefers using plants cultivated with organic farming techniques or wild plants, which have been picked up with supervision.

But even biological agriculture provides the genetic improvement thanks to selection and reproduction of the best plants or thanks to the cross of different varieties of the same species of plants.
This way to work, is conceptually against, GMO.


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